5th Grade

Fifth Grade Teachers                                                       Emails                                                                   
Mrs. Sledd                                                                        asledd@salem.k12.va.us              Mrs. Sledd's Tinkercad                      
Mrs. Crowder                                                                    kcrowder@salem.k12.va.us         Mrs. Crowder's Tinkercad                             
Mrs. Fechko                                                                      kfechko@salem.k12.va.us            Mrs. Fechko's Tinkercad

The fifth grade at South Salem School has a student enrollment of about sixty students, with three classrooms located downstairs.

The three classroom teachers use a departmentalization structure for the core subject areas. Students will be taught by each fifth-grade teacher- Mrs. Crowder teaches math, Ms. Fechko teaches language arts, and Ms. Sledd teaches science and social studies.

Students will take three SOL tests in fifth grade: reading, math, and science. These tests will be given in May.

Students also enjoy an activity block each day which includes art, music, physical education, library, guidance, and D.A.R.E. instruction.

The Fifth Grade Curriculum Strives

To provide a positive environment for learning
To help students to develop study skills
To help students to develop lifelong organizational skills
To prepare each student for the middle school experience
To foster self-discipline and independence in each student
To provide an environment conducive to self-expression and creativity
To provide a level of computer literacy in each student
To provide a curriculum that is guided by the standards of Learning but exceeds these standards when appropriate