3rd Grade

Third Grade Teachers                                                          Email
Mrs. Crotts                                                                           kcrotts@salem.k12.va.us
Ms. Highfill                                                                          khighfill@salem.k12.va.us
Mrs. Custer                                                                          scuster@salem.k12.va.us

Third grade is located in the front part of the building. Our grade level utilizes three rooms (246, 234, and 230). The classrooms are self-contained.

There are three teachers and one part-time instructional aide who provide educational opportunities for approximately 60 children ranging in age from eight to ten years old.

Weekly meetings afford time for teachers to plan and discuss grade-level concerns. Teachers work cooperatively while allowing a wide range of professional freedom for individual teaching styles.

The curriculum is based on Virginia and City of Salem Standards of Learning. The curriculum includes Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art, Music, Physical Education, and Health. A major focus in third grade is reading across the curriculum and math concepts and fact memorization. Time is provided for both writing to learn and formal writing. Throughout the year, students spend time reviewing and preparing for the SOL tests in Reading and Math. Pupils are assessed in all subjects formally and informally throughout the year.

The Third Grade Curriculum Strives:

To provide the students with a nurturing environment that promotes learning.
To meet each child’s individual educational needs.
To help the students transition from primary grades to upper elementary grades, more independence, organization, and studying are required.
To prepare students for their first Virginia SOL tests in two core subject areas.
To provide time for independent reading and encourage the students to begin easy chapter books.
To provide a strong math foundation by ensuring addition and subtraction facts are memorized from the second-grade curriculum.
To continue building math skills by introducing multiplication and division.